Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Were you the Recipient of an "Act Of Kindness?"

Over the next few weeks, teams of family and friends will be canvassing their communities with "acts of kindness" in memory of Sadie.

The majority of participants will be in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. As part of a Life Celebration for Sadie, teams of four will be provided with a list of "Acts of Kindness." The list will include acts such donating items to a local food pantry or paying for the person's coffee behind you in line. Each recipient will then be given a card that states the act of kindness was done in memory of Sadie (see image).

Sadie taught us so much during her short life. One of the most important lessons she taught us was to be kind to everyone, for everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about. We can think of no better way to honor her life than to shower our community with kindness.

In addition to the large contingent of participants in the Chicago area, there will be remote teams performing acts of kindness in 20 different cities throughout the U.S. and Canada - from Los Angeles to New York.

Visit Sadie's Facebook page to see photos of some of our Acts of Kindness.

So...were YOU a recipient of an "acts of kindness?" Share your story in the comments below!