Sunday, June 3, 2012


Sadie weight-bearing in the LiteGait.
Sadie is going into her third month of the Day Rehab program at RIC (Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.) She has been attending RIC for three days a week/two hours a day. During this time, she gets physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. While it has been an intensely busy few months, we couldn't be more pleased with her progress.

Her head and trunk control have improved significantly - and she can even sit with very little assistance. During speech therapy, she is working on communication by using the switch - shown in the photo to the right. Knowing her preference for pop music a la Beyonce and Katy Perry, her sweet speech therapist put a photo of Katy Perry on her switch. Each time Sadie presses the switch, we play music and have a dance party.

Sadie's switch with Katy's photo

Unfortunately, there are a few skills which Sadie used to practice, that she has since lost - like reaching for and grabbing a toy, bringing her hands to midline, and rolling over. Even before her surgery, she stopped demonstrating these skills. We are hopeful that with the help of her therapists that she will be able to regain these abilities.

In addition to her therapies at RIC, we are still working with her home therapists through the Early Intervention (EI) program. We recently visited our neighborhood park with Sadie's home PT, where Sadie experienced sitting on a swing and sliding down a slide - with the help of Mommy and Karen, her PT.

Sadie exploring the neighborhood park
While she is making great strides with her therapy, Sadie continues to struggle with daily seizures. As I've mentioned, we have seen some improvement post-surgery- particularly with the duration and severity of her seizures. Unfortunately, she's still having about the same number of seizures per day.

So, we are again in discussions with her doctor about switching up seizure meds. Our first order of business is to try to wean her off a few of these meds (she is currently on five - Vigabatrin, Keppra, Dilantin, Clonazapam, and Neurontin) - not to mention her Ketogenic Diet. Weaning the meds that aren't working will allow us greater flexibility to try new things. The challenge is figuring out what IS and IS NOT working.

Snoozing at the Zoo
Her blood draw a few weeks ago showed that her Dilantin level was a bit low. So, upon her doctor's recommendation, we are going to try weaning that first. If we can get her off Dilantin without upsetting the apple cart, then we are going to try a new medicine called Zonisimide (Zonegran). Zonisimide has been recommended for Sadie by a few doctors. So, we're hoping that it will work well for her. But first...a five-week wean off Dilantin. I never said things happened quickly.

In the meantime, Sadie experienced her first visit to the Zoo while visiting friends in Milwaukee. Of course, she spent most of the trip napping, but she did see a few of the animals. Mr. Cheetah made an appearance right in front of the window where Sadie was looking - and I think he caught her eye!

So, as Sadie's therapy sessions at RIC begin to wind down this month, we'll have a bit more free time to enjoy the warm summer weather, and to get her outside practicing some of her new skills!

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