Friday, April 8, 2011

Sadie's first ambulance ride. Prayers, prayers, prayers.

Looking at the title of the last blog post, I hope I didn't jinx poor Sadie. After battling cold symptoms for a few days, Sadie awoke early Tuesday morning with labored breathing and a "barky" cough. We hooked her up to the pulse ox to check her O2 levels. The machine read 83%...we started panicking. Luckily we had the emergency oxygen her home nurse had sent over the week prior. We started her on O2 and she quickly rose to 100%. Adin and I knew that we had to call an ambulance to transport her to the hospital, as we couldn't take her without supplemental oxygen.

The ambulance arrived at 2 am, and delivered Sadie and I to the ER at Lutheran General Hospital. Ambulance protocol is to take the patient to the nearest ER. I was a little nervous being at a different hospital than Childrens, which we know so well. Although I prefer Sadie's doctors at Childrens, we've been quite pleased with the staff and facility at Lutheran General.

We are on day 4 in the pediatric ward. What started as cold symptoms turned out to be metapneumovirus, which is similar to RSV (the virus that hospitalized Sadie in January). Sadie is also showing some cloudiness in her lungs, which could be a mild case of pneumonia. The doctors are trying to figure out why these respiratory viruses are so hard on Sadie. They suspect aspiration, which is where some of the liquid one consumes goes into the lungs instead of the stomach. She will be having a swallow study to explore this further. In the meantime, all liquids are going through an ng tube (through nose, down throat, in tummy). She REALLY did not like that ng tube going in, and actually punched the nurse with her little bandaged IV hand.

Throughout her hospital stay, her seizure activity has been quite low. And, we finally were blessed with her first seizure free day*. I always feel like I need an asterisk after that statement, as it is possible she had a twitch here or there that I didn't see, or a mild episode in her sleep. The picture above is the page from Sadie's journal showing her first day with no seizure activity. We have been keeping these journals since she was 4 weeks old (we're now on journal #3.) Each page is a different day. We track the time and duration of the seizure. I used to count every single spasm per cluster, but once they got up into the hundreds it was just too depressing.

We also track her fluid intake and diapers in the journal (since she has decided to hold her pee for hours and hours, and poo for days. More about that in a future blog post.) We have also been advised to see a pulminologist to oversee Sadie's respiratory issues. Her team of doctors grows.

The analyst in me wants to overanalyze exactly why her seizure activity has been so low. (I see a spreadsheet in our future:) But for the time being, I'll be grateful for this blessing. Maybe all of your prayers are working. Keep them up!


  1. prayers, prayers, prayers...every single day, you guys are always close to my thoughts and always in my prayers. go get 'em, sadie!

  2. I reiterate that she is indeed your child. Punching the nurse? Lil Cathy indeed. Feisty Polish blood shines through. Even her Irish side sheeps away. Love to Sadie.

    May the blessings of Holy Spirit comfort your family and embrace sweet Sadie and lift her health, in Jesus' name.

  3. Prayers for Sadie. I hope the doctors figure out what is causing the respiratory problems soon. Sadie is a fighter, thank goodness. Thinking and praying for you, Adin and Sadie every day. Hang in there!