Monday, October 10, 2011

That's How I Roll.

Well, we figured out the mystery from the last blog post. Like I mentioned, for the past few weeks Sadie had been acting restless and was just not her smiley, interactive self. Feeling exhausted and defeated, we took her to the ER at Children's upon the advice of her pediatrician. Boy am I glad we did. Her bloodwork showed that her Dilantin level was 3x higher than it should be. Dilantin toxicity is the official term. Symptoms include darting eye movements, dizziness, nausea, etc...this explains why Sadie had been out of sorts.

She was admitted to the cardiac floor where they did a STAT EKG to monitor her heart. She was in the hospital for a total of 4 days until her Dilantin level dropped back into the normal range. Dilantin is a tricky medicine to get a good level in kiddos due to the fluctuation in metabolism. But, we are hesitant to give it up since it's one of the few medicines that has had a positive effect on her seizures.

We are excited to have our Sadie back. She has been giving Mommy and Daddy wonderful toothy grins lately. While visiting her Grandma last weekend, she rolled over for the very first time! Of course she did it while Mommy was out of the room...but we were able to capture it in the video above. Now that two of her grandchildren have rolled over at her house for the very first time, Grandma is convinced that Grandpa Chris in heaven is giving the babies a little nudge.

We've also just returned from our visit to Cleveland Clinic with Sadie. We'll post more about the experience later this week. For now, we're cherishing the moment we are in with Sadie.


  1. Missing your smile Sadie and thinking of you daily! I am blessed to have met you :) -Ally

  2. Yeah Sadie! I'm so proud of your big accomplishment! Glad to hear the Sadie smiles are back! - Kelly

  3. Congrats - on getting things back under control and the new milestone. We're here for you if there's anything we can do!!! I'm interested to hear about your experience at Cleveland Clinic - another of our families was just out there for a consult on their very medically complex daughter.

  4. Roll, Baby, Roll! Love the thought of getting a nudge from up sweet!